Content Launch

Blogging and social media solution for small businesses

Introducing Content Launch – instant content marketing for start-ups There’s so much to do when you’re setting up your business. Securing funding, establishing your brand, building a website – all are important, all are time-consuming. A key priority should be your marketing. If you don’t market your business, no one will know it’s there, and…

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Consistent business branding in web and print design

Consistent business branding in web and print design Your business deserves a website that’s as good as what you sell. To make your website effective, it’s important to keep it on-brand and consistent with your other marketing. In this blog, I look at why consistent branding is important, and how your website can reinforce your…

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Why your business needs a website

why your business needs a website

Why do I need a website for my business? You might think you don’t need a website. You might be a long-established business that has never had a website before. Or you might just feel that tech isn’t for you, and you don’t see what part it plays in what you offer. But let me…

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The first thing I need is a website

I need a website for my new business

“The first thing I need is a website, right?” Wrong! I have seen so many examples of people who have left employment, have decided to set up their own businesses, but have obviously panicked, and taken bad advice and some very wrong decisions about their brand and its marketing, before stopping to consider where their…

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Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Dos and don’ts for outdoor banner design As we head to into spring, more and more businesses will be seizing the opportunity to advertise with outdoor banners. This is even more important now, to let your customers know you’ve re-opened (once we’re allowed to, of course). Large vinyl banners can be very effective marketing tools…

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Postcards – Get personal!

Postcards - get personal with direct mail

Postcards – direct mail gets personal As a graphic designer, I’ve seen a steady rise in the number of people asking me to design postcards for their businesses, as part of their marketing material. For me, postcards always offer an interesting project; for business owners, they have many advantages over other forms of direct marketing.…

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Should you outsource your graphic design?

Why you should outsource your graphic design

Why outsource your graphic design? With photo and artwork software now standard in most computers, and all kinds of apps to create memes and infographics, some business owners have decided to “cut costs” and do their own graphic design. But is that a good idea? And is it really cheaper in the long run?Here are…

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Good Website Design

Good Website Design - Why visual impact matters

Good website design – why visual impact matters There are so many points to consider when you’re designing a website – url, content, layout, photographs, logo. But studies show that the visual impact of a website is the most important factor in why people stay on your website, so your website really needs to look…

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Start from the B with a Bang

Start from the B of bang – why startup businesses need good graphic design Starting a new company can be a busy time, and it may be tempting to shelve everything that isn’t your core business until you’re up and running.  However, creating a strong brand is what’s going to bring in the business, so…

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It’s not too late to send Christmas cards

It's not too late to send Christmas Cards

It’s not too late to send Christmas cards A lot of customers are saying that things are slowing down or have slowed down. Maybe something to do with a certain pandemic? However, my response is to make sure that your customers remember you and that you are always at the forefront of their minds (let’s…

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